Saturday, May 5th 2012 - Pet Owner Stories


Twiggy was named after her transparent, blackish back legs – but she is now recovered and healthy!
“My best friend is a groomer, and we stop in to see her weekly, she cannot believe the change in this dog that was not supposed to live more than a month or two.  We call her our miracle dog.  When I shared the story with the owners of Creature Comfort, the staff at Ren’s Pet Depot and Bridge County Feeds in Listowel, Ontario, they were extremely supportive and surprised that we were feeding our dogs, our past rescues and now our little Twiggy a 5-star food.  I can attest to the fact that Twiggy has defied all odds and has surpassed any expectations the vets had for her.
I can’t wait for her check up in two weeks (the 15th) as that will be the first time the vets have seen her since they released her to me.  I think I’ll take a camera.”

This is a little bit about our experience with your food and our rescues. We are a retired couple who live in Bluevale, ON Canada. We have privately fostered dogs for years, covering the costs ourselves. Word gets around pretty quickly out here, and we have taken in more dogs than we planned (including our own dogs, 3 of them: Bella, Blondie and Cha Cha). We recently heard about a puppy mill survivor (a Pomeranian) who was found in a ditch, by the dog catcher who thought she was dead. The vet examined her and she moved. They cleaned her up, rid her of her fleas, gave her the necessary shots and tried to clean up her eye infections that have left her nearly blind. She had very little fur on her from laying in her own feces and was not expected to live more than a few weeks to a month or two. The vet tech called me and asked me if I would give her a home, TLC and let her spend her last few weeks knowing what a dog’s life should be. I said yes, and we took her in. I have pictures of her that first day, she could not stand, and was a mess. We started her on ACANA (but because she has no teeth we have to soak it in water overnight). In just 6 weeks, she has gained weight, her fur has begun to re-grow, she has energy, has learned to go up and down stairs and finds me by me calling her name and she comes to my shadow. NO ONE can believe the change in her. I have always known good quality food is key in keeping our dogs in optimum health – none of our dogs have ever been ill, just the routine visits to the vet for shots and vetting.
I want to thank you for making such an outstanding product! Ren’s Pet Depot, Creature Comfort Emporium and Bridge County Feeds know us quite well and say ACANA is a 5-star dog food and have congratulated us on choosing it. (this was done after alot of research).
Warm Regards,

Jeanette Walker and the pooches at the Dog Cabin in Bluevale, ON.

Jeanette – Thank you for all the love you give Twiggy and other dogs like her. This story is heartwarming!