Free-Run Poultry and Eggs


Raised under the highest standards for animal care and food safety by people we know and trust on family run American farms, our poultry and eggs are free-run, natural and antibiotic free.

Our chicken, turkey, duck and eggs arrive fresh, without artificial preservatives and in WholePrey ratios that are loaded with goodness and taste to nourish your cherished pet completely.

Read on and we think you’ll agree!

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Fresh Local Chicken
Local Kentucky Farms

Our chicken is raised free-run on local farms by people we know and trust, like Todd of Clark Farms in Lexington, Kentucky. Free of artificial hormones and antibiotics, our chickens are sourced from federally inspected facilities, contain no preservatives and are bursting with goodness and taste.

Man holding a turkey on a farm.
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Free-Run Turkey
Local American Farms

Our turkey is raised free-run on local farms by people we know and trust, like Rodney of Cooper Farms in Bryant, Indiana. Free of antibiotics and artificial hormones, our turkey is sourced from federally inspected facilities and delivered fresh and preservative-free.

Boy and girls holding ducks on a farm.


Free-Run Muscovy Duck
Local Kentucky Farms

Raised on a diet of natural grains and well water, our Muscovy Duck is raised free-run by local growers – like Amie & Brandon of Hoover Farms in Pembroke, Kentucky. Sourced from federally inspected facilities, our Muscovy duck arrives fresh, in richly nourishing WholePrey ratios so it’s loaded with goodness.

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Whole Nest-Laid Eggs
Local Kentucky Farms

Supplied by local Kentucky farmers, our whole eggs are the perfect food – power-packed with nourishing proteins and fats and delivered to us fresh and whole, never frozen or dried, and with no preservatives.