Whole Fruits & Vegetables

Delivered Fresh and Whole Daily

ACANA features regional fruits, berries and vegetables that are delivered fresh and whole from Okanagan and Fraser valley orchards and Alberta’s black prairie soils.

Fresh fruits supply important vitamins and protector nutrients in natural, bio-available form and fresh vegetables, like pumpkin and squash, supply soluble fiber which promotes digestive health while providing the limited carbohydrates needed to form a kibble.

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Whole Fruits
Okanagan Valley

Sun-ripened in Okanagan Valley orchards, our Red Delicious apples and Bartlett pears are delivered FRESH, whole, and preservative free by people we know and trust, like Colleen of Sunfresh Farms.


Whole Vegetables
Regional Growers

Grown locally by people we know and trust on local prairie farms, like Nobby of Sudo Farms, our vegetables arrive to our door FRESH, whole, and preservative free, loaded with natural antioxidants.

Red Delicious Apples
Okanagan Valley, BC
Bartlett Pears
Okanagan Valley, BC
Whole Pumpkin
Prairie Farms, Alberta
Butternut Squash
Prairie Farms, Alberta
Whole Carrots
Prairie Farms, Alberta
Whole Greens
Fraser Valley, BC