Heritage Red Meat

Delivered Fresh or Raw

Raised on regional ranches, our red meats are raised naturally in the heart of pristine ranching country by people we know and trust.

Using nature’s simple recipe of fresh air, clean water, and natural grains, our grass-fed lamb are delivered fresh or raw, preservative-free, and loaded with the goodness and taste that all dogs and cats instinctively crave.

Ranch-Raised Beef Natural Ranchlands

Free of hormones and antibiotics, our ranch-raised beef is sourced from ranchers we know and trust, like Bern and Kirsten of Spring Creek Ranch. Our beef is delivered to our kitchen fresh or raw, loaded with goodness and taste.

Ranch-Raised Bison Natural Ranchlands
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Ranchers like Steven & Michelle of Pilatus Farms raise our bison naturally. Delivered fresh or raw, it’s bursting with nourishing goodness and flavour.

Grass-Fed Lamb Natural Ranchlands

Nathanael and Christine of Polson’s Farm in Tees, Alberta. Trusted suppliers of fresh grass-fed lamb.