Ranch-Raised Red Meat

Delivered Fresh or Raw

Our red meats are raised naturally by people we know and trust in the heart of Kentucky’s lush Appalachian ranching country. 

Using Mother Nature’s simple recipe of fresh air, clean water, and natural grasses, grass-fed lamb and Yorkshire pork arrive at our DogStar Kitchen fresh or raw, without artificial preservatives and loaded with the goodness and taste your dog or cat instinctively craves.

Read on and we think you’ll agree!

Grass-Fed Lamb Kentucky farms
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Farmers Robin and Fabian, of Colibri Sheep Farm in Georgetown, Kentucky, raise our grass-fed lamb naturally. Our lamb is sourced from federally inspected facilities and delivered to our kitchen FRESH or RAW in WholePrey ratios, so it’s loaded with tender goodness and savory flavor.

Yorkshire Pork American Farms
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Our all-natural pork is humanely raised by farmers like Doug of Willow Hill Farms. Containing no artificial preservatives, our pork is delivered fresh or raw, and bursting with protein and natural goodness.