Our Biologically Appropriate recipes are based on the nutritional philosophy that dogs and cats need to be nourished according to their evolutionary adaption and thrive on diets containing fresh and diverse meat ingredients.

That’s why our ACANA and ORIJEN diets are packed with high quality animal protein, a nutritionally balanced fatty acid profile, minimal (and low glycemic) carbohydrates, and naturally sourced vitamins and minerals that will nourish your cat and dog completely – just as nature intended.


If it’s not OK for our dogs and cats, then it’s not OK for other dogs and cats.

Our position on animal testing is simple – we conduct only those tests in which we would allow our own companion dogs and cats to participate. If it’s not ok for our dogs and cats, then it is not ok for any other cats and dogs. We perform palatability (taste), urine pH, digestibility (the latter through stool analysis only) and AAFCO feeding trials.