Commitment To Trust

Not only does our DogStar Kitchen (and our NorthStar Kitchen in Canada) lead the pet food industry in our Biologically Appropriate and Fresh Regional Ingredient capabilities, we use rigorous food-safety methods and to earn the trust of Pet Lovers everywhere.

A rare commitment to food safety

Completely separated from the rest of the kitchen by IMP walls (insulated metal panel) and air pressure systems, our DogStar Kitchen employ CIP (Clean In Place) throughout.

Featured in dairy and beverage industries, CIP is an automated cleaning system which ensures the proper time, temperature, and turbulence for cleaning, elevating our food safety capabilities.

Cooking in real time

Our DogStar Kitchen is connected through Allen Bradley hardware and software systems with all cooking data, from start to finish, displayed in our kitchen control center in real time, enabling adjustments to any system, anywhere, anytime.

“Farm-to-fido” track and trace

Our DogStar track-and-trace system tracks ingredients throughout the kitchen at each location of use and stores all information in a two-dimensional package code which can be traced back to an individual farm or ingredient supplier.