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ACANA Heritage foods are our original Biologically Appropriate recipes that celebrate our 25-year tradition of featuring fresh regional ingredients grown close to home by farmers, ranchers and fishermen we know and trust.

That means ACANA Heritage foods are brimming with free-run poultry and nest-laid eggs from local farms, freshwater fish from regional waters and heritage meats from Appalachian ranches — all delivered in fresh WholePrey ratios to nourish completely.

Prepared in our Kentucky DogStar® kitchens from America’s best and freshest ingredients, these unique and Biologically Appropriate foods are a delicious way to keep your dog healthy, happy, and strong.

Read our ingredients and you’ll be happy too.

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Regionals for Dogs

Regionally inspired and Biologically Appropriate ACANA Regionals feature a diversity of fresh ingredients from Kentucky’s fertile farmlands, meadows and Appalachian ranches that’s unmatched by any other dog food.

Made in our Kentucky DogStar® kitchens from America’s best and freshest ingredients, our ACANA Regionals are protein-rich, carbohydrate-limited and loaded with a richly nourishing 70% of ranch-raised meats, free-run poultry and eggs, wild-caught fish and sun-ripened vegetables, fruits and botanicals.

Read our ingredients and we think you’ll be happy too.

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Limited ingredients shouldn’t mean less meat. That’s why we make four nourishing single protein foods, especially for diet-sensitive dogs.

ACANA’s Biologically Appropriate Limited Ingredient foods, perfect for diet-sensitive dogs, are chock-full of meat such as grass-fed lamb, Muscovy duck, Yorkshire pork or Atlantic Mackerel; then infused with freeze-dried liver for exceptional taste. ACANA Singles also feature fresh whole pumpkin and squash for digestive health.

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Singles Treats

Perfect for all dogs – including diet sensitive ones, ACANA Singles Dog Treats are Limited Ingredient, Biologically Appropriate and totally delicious.  

Featuring a single animal protein, these delicious and nourishing treats are formula-matched to ACANA Singles Dry Foods, and include the very same fresh local meats, poultry and fish.

Made without cooking and completely free of preservatives, ACANA treats are gently freeze-dried to lock in all the natural goodness and taste of our fresh regional ingredients.

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Regionals for Cats

Cats and kittens are carnivores, designed by nature to thrive on whole prey such as fowl, fish or game, and possess a biological need for a diet rich and varied in meats.

Protein-rich and carbohydrate-limited, ACANA cat foods feature unmatched inclusions of free-run chicken and turkey, wild-caught fish and nest-laid eggs — all farmed or fished within our region and delivered in WholePrey ratios to our kitchens FRESH EACH DAY, so they’re brimming with goodness to nourish completely.

Made exclusively in our Kentucky DogStar® kitchens, ACANA is guaranteed to keep your cat or kitten healthy, happy and strong.

Read our ingredients and you’ll be happy too.

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