John of roundstone native seed in upton, Kentucky. Trusted supplier of fresh and local botanicals.

Locally Grown Botanicals


Demonstrating our strong commitment to locally sourced ingredients, we’ve partnered with Kentucky botanical growers to grow chicory, turmeric, sarsaparilla and marshmallow root – exclusively for ACANA foods.

Because nature herself is the most effective healing force, dogs and cats still instinctively seek out weeds and plants that improve their health.

ACANA botanicals mimic the natural diet, supporting healthy digestion, serving as tonics and builders to support organs and tissues, and helping eliminate toxins from the body by stimulating physiological processes, such as the cleansing of the liver.

Man in field of botanicals


Local Botanicals
Hart County, Kentucky

Grown exclusively for ACANA by people we know and trust, like John of Roundstone Native Seed in Upton, Kentucky, all ACANA botanicals are of trusted North American origin and delivered to our kitchens fresh or gently air-dried from the warm Kentucky sunshine.

Chicory root
Hart County, Kentucky
Hart County, Kentucky
Sarsaparilla root
Hart County, Kentucky
Marshmallow root
Hart County, Kentucky
Hart County, Kentucky